Tuesday, June 05, 2007


The M&M Woo In

Since we've been gone so long, we want to catch up on a few things.

First off, the lady finally got one of those stupid furminators last month. Now if that thing isn't straight from hell, we don't know what is. We bet cats designed it. We're not much for the brushing thing anyway. Yes, we know it makes us all fluffy but we still hate it. It removed BAGS of our fur, that's just not right! The lady pretty much has to lay on top us us to get us to cooperate, which makes the whole brushing ordeal even longer & we wooo like we're being killed the entire time. You should see her though, when all is said & done, she kinda looks like a human in a Sibe disguise, pretty funny in that regard. Takes her another hour to get all the fur of herself, see, another reason she shouldn't do that to us.
Next, it's HOT! Hey lady, you have Siberian Huskies and we promise it's not hot or humid there, turn on the flippin' air! Really, she acts like giving us a fan will compensate for the lack of air conditioning, NOT! We keep hearing her & the man saying about how it's only going to be in the low to mid 80's, try that with 2 fur coats on & see how well you all do! At the very least, let us in the big pool, she keeps saying the water is only 72, sounds like heaven to us. Apparently she has to be able to get in the pool with us & won't do so until around 75ish, close enough we say, let's do it!!! She won't even let us get in the river anymore. We had a lot of rain a few weeks ago & she heard that the sewers were overflowing into the river with human poo, GROSS! So, ya, we'll pass on the river thing too.
On a more positive note, we have a new friend, her name is Maggie & she's a Jack Russell, kinda confusing, is her name Maggie or Jack, geesh! Anywoo, we get to go into her yard & play sometimes when we're on our walk & she's out. That is one fearless little dog! She is only 1 month younger than us so she likes to play A LOT! And she's really smart too, as soon as she sees us she runs right to us & then drops to her back in a subservient manner. We play very nice with her cause she's so small, but we don't think she knows she's small so we don't tell her. This weekend when we stopped by her house, we were all running the yard & Macie fell right into Maggie's humans fish pond, harooooo, you shoulda seen the look of suprise on Macie's face as she went down, it was great! And the humans there are very nice too, they didn't even get mad, they just made sure Macie was OK & then laughed a lot. Our lady was pretty imbarassed though. Here's a couple pictures of the 3 of us in action, it was hard to clear ones as we were all VERY excited.
Well, we better run for now, it's time to demand the air conditioner again, we're going to have to resort to the claw, wooing isn't getting through to them.

Snowy Thoughts To All, M&M

My mama always throws her clothes in the laundry pile after brushing me. Did Macie feel cooler after swimming with the fishes?
humm... Do I need to talk to your mom about the air issue? Your new friend Maggie looks fun!! You are lucky you have a great friend next door!
Yes she did Magnum! Our lady had to change her clothes too, haroooo!
Would you please Sitka, she doesn't seem to get the message, at least it's a little cooler right now.
Face Licks, M&M
Ok, your humans are mean! Anything over 75 degrees is WAY to hot! Luckily, our humans keep our air on all the time and keep it set at about 70-71 degrees. They also have the ceiling fans going for us, and a tower fan that does that turning thing to keep the air blowing on the floor for us to keep us nice and cool. And, if that isn't cool enough, we head for the nice cool basement!

I think your humans need much more clawing and wooing to remind them how hot you are!

Holly- Thank Dog it's a little cooler today. We do have fans & the ceiling fans & all the doors & windows open but STILL....bring on the air. It's supposed to 90 here on Thursday though so it WILL be coming on then!
Face Licks, M&M
It's hot, hot, hot here, too! Fortunately, our bipeds have been trained by Sibes since 1983, so our AC is CRANKIN', baby! YEAH!
That little pup looks FUN! And you guys are looking so good! I can't believe you're so grown up and fluffy!
Play bows,
Thank woo Zim, though we hate the furminator, it does "fluff" us up nicely! And the air is on today, FINALLY!
Face Licks, M&M
You know, I think you might be on to something when you say that cats invented the Furminator. Our cat, Wilbur, LOVES being Furminated. Seriously. He will stretch out so Mom can get all of his fur. So weird. I bet he had something to do with the invention of it.

We're with you Steve, only something as evil as a Cat could come up with an equally evil device to torture us with!
Face Licks, M&M
It's so hot here! I hate it too! Hey, is that a Jack Russell you were playing with? They are hyper! My cousin Chloe is half Jack Russell, she's so hyper!
Yep Indy it is, we like that she's hyper, she wants to play all the time! Not many dogs can keep up with our "Zoomies" ya know!
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