Friday, June 08, 2007


Is it RooRoo or Is It Memorex......

I think I look alot like RooRoo, what do you pups think? You would think this would make Malechai nicer to me as he LOOOOOVES RooRoo, but it does not. Can you all see the likeness or is it just wishful thinking on my part?

Face Licks, Macie

Gee, when I look quick I thought you were the SAME dog. Whew. Your markings (in the face) are very simiilar.
We are both hot chicks! Watch out boys, here we come!
WOW!! You could definitely be twins!!! If I didn't recognize Roo Roo's couch, I would have thought it was both YOU!

I agree, you both look the same!!

Wow... you both look so much alike! Wow!

You both look exactly alike, and I sat here for awhile trying to find some differences. Other than the sofa, I can't!

Thanks everypup, I thought maybe I was crazy. My face is a little fatter than RooRoo's but it looks to me like we have the same kind of markings, (dog, am I lucky or what!).
Face Licks Macie
There is definetely a similarity! Woo woo!
Oh yeah. you 2 look just the same..
What a coincidence

~ girl girl
Wow, You two look very much alike, I cant tell the difference. Sooky
You two definitely look like twins!!

Holy smokes, Macie! You look JUST like Roo Roo!!! Incredible!
Play bows,
Crazy isn't it?! Thanks everypup!
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