Sunday, February 04, 2007


Sure We Only "Shed" Twice A Year

"The coat does not need much care except during the twice a year heavy shedding season, when they have to be combed thoroughly with a metal comb."
Haroooo, now this is just funny! Whatever human came up with this, obviously has never owned one of us! This is just from one of us...And we get brushed at least once a week. Not to mention, this is just what she gets from brushing us, this doesn't include all of the fur that we also are kind enough to leave around the house for them. We may only actually "blow our coats" twice a year but really that doesn't even begin to cover what we shed on a daily bases. Our lady wishes she knew some way to spin it into yarn, she said she could make some really nice "Afghans" out of it (we've tried to tell her that "Afghans" have their own fur & wouldn't want ours, but whatever).
Our lady has seen this device (The Furminator)on some of your blogs & they just got them at our pet store, so she's thinking we need one. How do those of you that have them used on you feel about them? Does it make the humans stop torturing us any quicker? Does it really get rid of that much more fur than a shed rake & comb? We're all for it if it's going to make the brushing game go any quicker, cause we don't care much for it at all. Yes, it's nice to be all fluffy, but does it really have to take so long?!
Give us a wooback everypup & let us know if we should destroy this thing when she brings it home.

The Furminator is VERY good at getting our fluffiness out. It's also much nicer than any of the other brushes our humans have used on us. It doesn't "pull" out our hair like some of the others. It's actually the only brush that my brother Samuel actually allows the humans to use. Otherwise, he screams and throws a fit as if he is being tortured. With the Furminator, he just lays there and seems to like it. It works VERY well, and is well worth it.
We have a Furminator, but we haven't gotten really bad about shedding yet, so we don't know how well it works. Mom also has a small Furminator that she uses on Wilbur and he seems to like it and she gets a lot of hair out of him. She bought our Furminators off of ebay. They came in new packaging just like at PetSmart, but she saved about $25 on the large one. So you might tell your mom to try there since they are pretty expensive.

Steve and Kat
The FURminator is EVIL! It's EVIL! All brushes are evil! It takes GOBS of our fluff out. It's EVIL!
PS: Mom likes it. We have the yellow one.
My Mom did complain a bit about how expensive it was, but since it's the only brush I will actually stay still for without her having to get me in a headlock and me screaming the entire time, she thinks it's worth every stinkin' penny. :)
Hey guys, I like the idea of spining your fur into yarn. Can you guys make me a sweater if that happens. :)

~ fufu
Thanks everypup! Our lady "Bid" on one on ebay so we'll see, can't be any worse than those other torture devices.
You bet fufu, but we wouldn't hold our breath, she'll never figure out how to spin it!
Face Licks, M&M
My suck up brother Lares loves the Furminator. He will just stand there and let Dad brush him. Afterwards he prances around like he is the handsomest dog in the world. Sometimes I let Dad brush me if I feel like but I really don't need any improvement, I'm already beautiful.

My Dad says that you can actually spin husky fur. At one of the fundraisers for the rescue group that rescued Lares, they had a woman who was spinning yarn from husky fur. Here are some pics. That's me, Lares, Mom and Dad in the bottom pic. Dad says you can probably find some info on the internet.

Well, what do you know about that, someone does spin our fur, smart human there! Wonder if her Huskies benefit from any of the profits, we may have found a new job, woooo!
Glad to see you're back Althea, thanks for the link!
Face Licks, M&M
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