Tuesday, February 13, 2007


So this is "Lake Effect Snow", Hawoooo!

Finally! We're sure we've mentioned before that we live on the river (well across the street, close enough) so we've been wondering why we haven't gotten any of this "Lake Effect Snow" that our lady keeps wooing about. Well, today it has happened, it started last night & there's no sign of it stopping till late tonight, so far only 8 inches, but there's promises of around 2-4 more, from the looks of things, the weather humans may actually be telling the truth this time. We definitely believe that our snow dancing has had some impact on the situation. Well, there's lots of snow to get back out in (it's very hot in the house after being out in all the glorious snow) so we'll let the lady show you some pictures while we go back out (for like the 18th million time so far, wonder how long she'll let us play this game). WooodyWooWooooo! Here's our Husky Wrangler after the lady got home from work today.

This is the river we live on, check out all the Geese, usually there's even more & lots of Eagles!

The rest are really self explanatory, Huskies & SNOW!

We sure hope everypup has been getting lots of snow in their dogparks!

Snowfilled Woos, M&M

Man, I wish I had that here! It got cold but NO SNOW! Baah!

Thrawn from The Brat Pack
I see the snow we sent your way finally got there! Hope you get lots and lots. Stop over at my blog and check out my pictures and video!

Oh the snow looks great at your place. You guys sure do look like you're having lots of fun in it.
Happy valentine's Day by the way guys

~ fufu
Haroo M&M,
Thats alot of bewootiful snow, We got alot too but not as much as you guys, Snow is so much fun, Enjoy,
Puppy Kisses, Sooky
Woooo! Lucky you! We're getting some here too, although not as much. I like to sit still and let the ice build up on my fur.
YEA! Snow, snow, SNOW! Have fun, roo guys!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Thanks everypup! Glad you all are getting snow too, except fufu & piratesgrrl, sorry you haven't gotten any! Happy Valentines Day all!
Face Licks, M&M
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