Sunday, February 11, 2007


Smells Be Gone and Treats & Things

Woo everypup & fufu! It was an awful day at our house today! Yes, carpet cleaning & bed washing day, boooooo! We thought we had done that stupid vacuum in once & for all, it hasn't worked for a couple weeks (we're sure you all can imagine the amount of hair we've been "sharing") only to find out that just some of it was broke & our man had ordered a new part that came in on Friday. So here Malechai is trying to sneak off with new part before he could fix it.No such luck! And as if the vacuum monster wasn't enough, the lady bought this new noisy, smelly contraption. Here, get a closer look... It's something called a SpotBot, whatever that is, all we know is it makes ALOT of noise! Malechai's sticking his tongue out at it, but it doesn't seem to notice, just keeps spraying smelly stuff & stealing all of our "smluff" (that would be our wonderful smells & all of our fluff that we've placed around oh so carefully). We're sure a stupid cat had something to do with the designing of this thing! Malechai even tried to lure it away by teasing it with one of his tasty bones, still nothing! Then to make matters worse, it called in backup, the big carpet shampooer, so the little thing was going & the big thing, & now ALL (and we do mean ALL) of our smluff is GONE! Gone off the couch, off the floor, bathroom/kitchen rugs, even off of our mats! It will take us weeks to get things back to smelling normal again. We didn't take any pictures of the big shampooer thingy, it was just too scary to document! Here we are after all the dramatic events of the day, on our "Downyfied" mats just trying to recoop.We hate to admit it, but that Downy stuff sure does make our mats soft & fluffy (kinda smells like our lady too).

OK, enough of the cleaning horrors, some good things happened this weekend too, we'd much rather woo about them! First, on Friday night our ladies friend Beth came over (we love Beth!) This is always a great thing, she is totally dogsome, she gets down on the floor, lets us work her over & doesn't even woo about all the fur.

Oh and get a gander at what she brought us everypup, THE SARGE Bone (perfect for the AO4, harooo), we highly recommend these, they are soooo tasty & stinky too, just an added bonus that the smell makes the lady "throw up in her mouth a little bit", end quote. We've pretty much annihilated them already. Thankwoooo BethABoo!

Next, (and this is just funny) our lady has been denied twice now on Ebay bidding on that dratted FURminator thingy (the Dog Gods are with us!) Not to mention, when she went to the pet store to buy one, we sent forgetful vibes with her & all she remembered to buy was TREATS! Just look at them all, she does love us! Go ahead lady, clean the carpets, if you must, so long as the tasty snacks keep coming.

We've aleady wooed about how wooderful the Healthy Choice Desserts are but we have to also give a howl out for Old Mother Hubbard Bac-N-Cheez Bisquits, of course all natural & Husky friendy, no nasty corn or artificial anything. Nice size too. Then there's the WELLNESS WellBars, don't be scared of these puppers, they are good eatin'! The yogurt, Apple & Bannana one gets two paws up from us, but there are several kinds to choose from. Again, nothin' but good stuff in these either, the lady even says they smell good enough to eat (DUH lady, why do you think we agree to sit for them) we say get your own! She also brought us these dragon toys, they have squeaky spots everywhere even one in their belly's that sounds like a sick duck. Plus they have "detachable" wings & tail, (although the lady would rather that we didn't).
So really, it has been a very good weekend, overall. Hope all you dogs had great ones! We'll have to say goodnight now, today was still rather stressfull & we have lots of smluff to get laid back down . Sweet Dreams of Shampooless Things, Macie & Malechai
Hey guys, so sorry to hear about those monsters invading your house and smluff. Great treats that your lady got you and I like the dragon toys with "detachable" wings & tail. hee

~ fufu
Well, at least after the horror of all the cleaning and de-smluffing, it's a darn good thing your humans can earn back your affections by buying you things. Only seem fair to me!

Those look like yummy treats. We like those Old Mother Hubbard Puppy Biscuits, so we need to get our mom to buy some of the ones you like too! Be sure to roll around on the floor and furniture a lot today to get more smluff on them!

Steve & Kat
Woo, what a news=y post! We like the Mother Hubbard Assorted Old Fashioned biscuits. My favorite are the charcoal, cuz I'm from Texas. It's a BBQ thing!
Those bones look like something that would freak our mom out. We'll have to look into them.
Amber says congrats on avoiding the FURminator so far. And SGT Zim says "ha roo" on temporarily doing in the evil vacuum! Stormy said your friend Beth looks like a very nice biped.
PS: I like Downey!
Hi fufu, thanks for the sympathy & we're waiting until the lady isn't looking & then the dragons can kiss their wings bye bye!
We agree Holly & you're right, that's the LEAST she can do after taking all our smluff!
Steve & Kat, we've been rolling so much we can't hardly stand up anymore!
We've never had the charcoal one Dave, we'll have to woo at the lady for some & it's because of you that we decided to give the Downy stuff a go, we wish she'de just let us eat the dryer sheets. Thanks Am, we're not sure how much longer we'll be able to put her off though, she really thinks we need one, NOT! We tried Zim, but that rascally man was one up on us this time, CATS!
Yes, Stormy she's great, we like her bunches & you guys tell your Mom that bone is the dogdiggity, apparently it stinks to humans though.
Face Licks Everypup! M&M
I love the Downy dryer sheets..sometimes whenI am really annoying my mom she gives them to me just to make me go away. (is I steal enough socks while she is folding them I can usually get at least one sheet) I wish I could have all those nummy sounding treats you always get but no....I have allergies! Hrmpffff.
Hey Macie and Malechai! Aren't you so excited that we are getting so much snow today! Make sure you go in and out in and out as many times as you can! Happy Snow Day!
Hi M&M,
That's too bad they took away all your smluff. You guys will have to work hard to get it all back. Hey, we got more bewootiful snow and it's still coming down, HAROO.
Puppy Kisses, Sooky
Do not worry, your smluff will return in no time. Unlike the noisy monsters, you are working all the time even when you are not trying. I love all treats!
Poor Lulu! Sorry about your allergies! We heard you weren't so much for all the wind that came with the snow, you need more fur girl!
Glad to hear you're getting snow too Sooky, get out there a play in it! Demand to be let in & out SEVERAL times, the humans like that game!
Thanks for the paws up Magnum, we were affraid it was gone for good, silly humans!
Face Licks, M&M
Woohoo for wellness & Old mother hubbard treats! Mama gets those for me sometimes, and I loves them! After Mama finishes up my current dog food (Nutro Ultra) she's gonna rotate to Wellness. Mama rotates every couple bags to a different food.
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