Wednesday, February 07, 2007


The "rundown" for Sooky

Ok everypup & fufu, we need to do our "Brotherly/Sisterly" thing for a minute (which is just so cool ) and give our baby sister a pawsup on a few things. You all feel free to fill in whatever we forget.

First thing you need to know, the MOST important thing & don't ever forget this, ready...
CATS ARE EVIL! If there are cats in your house, make sure you let them know right away, that you all are NOT gonna be "buddies". Don't harm the cats, as your humans will not be to pleased, but DO NOT trust them EVER!

Next, you are a Husky, with this comes certain "expectations" shall we say. What this means is you must always do things at a "Huskies Pace", don't come just because the humans tell you to, make sure it's worth it, that there's some sort of treat involved. When you don't care for something or are not getting your way, let them know, give a good woo, loudly. Feel free to tear things up (we recommend tasty tissues), especially while you're little (you get away with alot more when you're "just a puppy"), and digging is ALWAYS good, don't let 'em tell you any different. Oh & you should definitely protest when they try to brush you & get more fur on them then on the brush. Demand to be let in & out all the time (wait till they sit down & repeat). And of course, insist on good treats, like anything chicken (or cats, hey, we can dream!) and big fat bones, none of that celery business!

Then you'll want to join HULA as soon as you've completed all of the official requirements, you can go to Meeska's blog for those details. We highly recommend joining the Husky Web Ring too, Raisa takes care of that. If you need any weather updates, help picking out colors, or maybe a "CAT Scan", you should check out the AO4. When you want to read cool stories about rescued Huskies, there are a couple great pups to check out, there's MaPaw & IndyPindy. Wanna learn how to be a show pup, go see the pups at D'Azuls, become a ninjahusky, you'll need Mr.Frodo K. Banks for that. You must go meet Turbo, he's our future president & very wise, he can always tell you if something is stupid or not! Ever wondered what a "gruffpuppy" is, it's Opy, a very sweet girl in Austrailia & her buddy Chuck , they made Dogs With Blogs happen.
Don't get tricked over at Arwen's Blog though, you never know, it could be the Evil Commander Bowie of the C(Un)IA ! If for some reason you choose to be one of those "spazy" Huskies, go on over to Holly's House & watch her videos of her spastic brother Sam, he's got it down paw! Althea has great woos about the dog park (we've still never been) & some pretty funny ones about her brother Lares. Bet you don't know what a hamsterrier is, well it's fufu, of course!

There's lots more great dogs here too, these are the ones that we like to visit regularly & thought we'd "introduce" you to, sorry, it's no butt sniff we know, but it's all we can do via the Internet. We hope this all helps! Alot of stuff you will learn as you go, like how far you should push your humans, too far & you can end up in a Shelter, not far enough & you're really not doing your heritage justice. Anything we can help with, just woooooo!

Hello M&M,
Some of that stuff I have already done like the yummy tasty toilet paper, chewed up a whole roll. What I really like to do is have them let me outside, then come back in the house and pee on the floor. Mom and dad don't like that very much but I am getting better at going outside. I have visited some of the others already, So that's what FuFu is a hamsterrier. Oh and the evil cats,yes my mom and dad have 3 of them and the big one is mean, I use to be scared of her but not anymore, now it's more fun to bark at her. She does have some sharp claws though. The other 2 are big babies, I like to drag them around by their heads and tails, Mom doesn't like this very much and always makes me stop. They have me in puppy school right now, It's ok but if they think I'm gonna do the things those other dogs do they are crazy. I'm a Husky.
I will do some stuff as long as there are treats involved, no treats, no tricks. I will check out those other pages too, Thanks so much for all the tips,
Love and Puppy kisses, Sooky
Hey Macie & Malechai, Those are very good tips you're giving. A hamsterrier can learn from those pointers too esp on the cats.

~ fufu
Excellent tips, all of them, and what a nice summary of some of the DWB!
Ha roo! Ditto what Magnum said!
If we all band together to help Sooky, she'll be a SUPER SIBE in no time!
Tail wags,
Excellent advice for a new little one.

The Siberians of D'Azul
It's so good to see another generation of husky bloggers. It means we are having a positive influence on the world.
Hey roo guys! I posted a fun game for Sooky today.
Play bows,
There ya go, Sooky, you have the right attitude! We flunked dog school, we weren't so good at the "recalls", duh, we're Huskies, we'll come when we're good & ready!
Thanks everypup & fufu, we tried to cover all the "basics" to get her off on the right paw!
Face Licks, M&M
Yep, the blogs and all us dogs can sure teach Sooky all the ways to drive their humans totally insane!

Now thats one cute little puppy!

Congrats on the new sister guys! sure you are the main one teaching her the tricks cause the way I hear it you are brighter than the other one ( don't tell him I said so).
Thanks Holly, Chuck & Lucyloo, we think she's pretty cute too!
Face Licks, M&M
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