Tuesday, February 06, 2007


EveryHusky, Please Welcome Sooky

We are soooo excited everypup and fufu! This is our baby sister Sooky. She just joined us all so everypup please go give her a big harooo. How cool is this?! Just yesterday we were the "New Pups On The Blog" now we're a Big Brother & Sister! And boy are we, by the way. Malechai just went to the vet & was 64lbs. at 11 months old, what a cow!

Hi Again big brother and sister, wow Malechai 64lbs. I can't wait until I'm a big dog. I sure am glad I found you guys, This looks like so much fun, Enjoy the snow, Puppy kisses, Sooky
Oh... Sooky is so cute... You guys must be proud big brother and sister now..

~ fufu
We are Sooky, do you have any snow?
Yes fufu, we are VERY proud!!!!
Face Licks, M&M
Congratulations M&M! You'll have to teach your sister how to be a good HULA member. How old is she? We think we might be the same age.

Steve & Kat
Wow, is Sooky cute! We dropped by and said ha roo to her.
64 pounds?!?!? Malechai's bigger than DAVE!
Tail wags,
Whoa! Macie outweighs me, and I am a tall muscular boy! Lots of people think I am a Malamute!

Maybe Macie needs to run around in the yard a little more...
Steve & Kat , she is 16 weeks old & we plan to teach all that she wants to know!
I know AO4, he's a cow! I only way in at 52ish.
We run all the time Indy, our lady teases him that he's part malamute.
Maybe it's all the "Natural Food"?!
Face Licks, M&M
Hi all you Pups and fufu, Yes, i am 16 weeks old. Thanks for all the compliments and the welcomes. So glad I found this place. Oh and to macie and malechai yes we got snow, lots of glorious snow, i like to put my whole face in it.
Puppy kisses, Sooky
You are a true Husky, Sooky, that's the best way to enjoy the snow, face first! We're glad you found everypup too! You should go join the Husky Ring, it's just for us! You can link to it from pretty much all of our pages, check it out.
Face Licks, M&M
Teach her well young pups... teach her well.

(waiting on Sooky's HULA app once she gets some destruction under her collar)
We will try Queen Meeshka, we directed her to you as you are the leader of all that is HULA.
WooWoo, M&M
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