Sunday, January 28, 2007



OK, so besides the fact that we are eating out of a spoon, we wanted to tell you all about these wonderfull little cans that we get.

These are made by NUTRO, which is the dog food our lady feeds us also. They are THE BEST desserts ever! All natural & goooooood! We like plain pumpkin too, but a dog can't have the same stuff all the time, we need a little variety. We don't get to have these everyday, of course. Again we'd rather not talk about the whole spoon thing though, you all know how silly humans are, this wasn't our idea at all, just give us the cans, but noooooo.

Sometimes we wonder if they really do know that we are dogs & not "Da Babies". Oh well, we'll allow it to continue so long as means tasty treats, even off the spoon. You all really do need to claw your humans for some of these, you won't be disappointed.

Face Licks, M&M

I love fruit & cake, so I think this is just the thing for a sweet little girl like me.

P.S. Woooooo Malechai!!!
I agree Roo Roo, come over, I'll let you have ALL of mine!
Face Licks, Malechai
I love this stuff!!! My human buys it for us too. And don't feel bad, Sam and I eat it right off the spoon too! In fact, Sam has gotten so picky with his food, that mom has to spread a little of the carrot cake in with his to get him to eat it. And then, he'll only eat it if she uses the spoon to feed him! He has to sniff each bite first, to be sure there's some carrot cake on it first, otherwise he won't eat it. Talk about spoiled!!!
Ha ROO! Where have these treats been all my life!?!? They look like they'd go great with some cappuccino! Wow... we have Nutro cookies (the MAX Mini bones) but we've never heard about these!!! WOWZERS!
Play bows,
That's funny Holly, he is spoiled, but our humans say we are too, good stuff though isn't it! Which is your favorite?
Oh Zimmie my friend! These are the bomb diggity! Our pet store just got them a couple months ago, maybe they haven't gotten your way yet, just give us your address & we'll send you some samples!
Face Licks, M&M
Those look so tasty. I will claw Mama until she buys some for me.
I like the new blog look with all the fun pictures!
Thanks Magnum, hey that's my middle name by the way, Malechai Magnum, I think it's cooler now that I've met you!
Face Licks, Malechai
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