Sunday, January 07, 2007


We Interupt This Program For An Important Message...

Commander Bowie & Agent Ryer, it is with great danger that we come to you, if we are found out, it will certainly mean flying fur. We only have a minute but wanted you to know we too have been keeping an eye on this "Hula Hoop" & would like to join forces with the CIA, there are 5 of us here & another 5 that are ready to come forward across the street. As there are only 2 Huskies in our immediate area, we are sure that with careful planning & precise timing we could secure our small part of the country & rid it of the bothersome beasts! After all they are only Huskies, certainly no match for the far more superior feline! What we lack in size, we make up for in brains. Something we are sure the male Husky of our home is lacking! The female seems to be a little more cunning, but totally distractable with the right "bait"...
Meet "The Bait", this is TalulaBelle, don't be fooled by her size, this is one fast cat! She can climb up a tree & come back down it face first like a squirrel & with the same quickness. We often deploy her as the "bait" since the stupid Huskies have that "prey drive" thing that over rides their brains everytime! This is all we can divulge for now as this is not a secure line we're on. We just wanted to pledge our allegiance & let you know there are others out here just waiting for the right moment....

Huskies aren't stupid. Cats are stupid!
This sounds scary...
Macie and Malechai, where are you...

~ fufu
Macie! Malechai! Your cats have joined the C(un)IA! Don't turn your backs on 'em! Do you need the HULA Hoop to rescue you guys?!?! Are you OK?
This epidemic has grown to CATastrophic proportions!
Play bows,
We're linking to you today - in hopes that you'll get the help you need!
Play bows,
Let me at em! Let me at em!!

I feel a kitty snack attack coming on. And I'm bringing my brother Monty the Monster, who is REALLLLY interested in kitties......if ya know what I mean......

The REALLY BIG Malamonster!
Be afraid, be VERRRRY afraid......
Ten kitties sounds like breakfast, dinner, and a couple snacks for a whole week.
M&M: Hit the delete key under "Justin's" comment. Sick site that'll make your computer sick!
Tail wags,
Our cat, Wilbur, said he would join, but he's already in the FBI (Feline Brothers Initiative), so he's not allowed.

Steve and Kat
Hey M&M, where are you guys? Did those pesky cats brainwash you or something?

We're here everyone, we'll have a post tonight with all the updates, thank you for all your concerns!!!
M&M where are you? We're all starting to get worried the cats have kidnapped you!!

Just let me at those cats! I punctured a lung of the last cat I got hold of, too bad daddy took him to the vet. M&M, where are you guys? Did the cats tie you to the rafters?
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