Monday, January 22, 2007

Hi everypup & fufu! Lately there's been so much "we" blogging here and frankly, I'm rather perturbed that it hasn't been all about me! It's usually, safe to say that when it's "we" that that's when the lady is supervising our blog time & "we" have to "play nice". Well, folks, tonight it's all me, I've bribed the big oaf with a bone that I'd been hoarding for the last couple days. I knew he wanted it, he's been eyeballin' it non stop, so he was quick to agree to just let me blog while he eats. I'm learning very quickly that the male breed is easy to manipulate with just food!

So, I want to start with reiterating the fact that Malechai is an idiot! No really, I know that sounds harsh but let me explain. He's a klutz! Not so very "graceful" shall we say? For the last week he has hit his head in the same spot for like 3 days in a row. On the same thing all 3 times, you'd think he'd learn to go a little wider around that part of the picnic table, but no! SLAM right into it, geesh, stupid I say!

So sure, maybe I may purposely always run the same way (cause I know the idiots going to follow) but I really can't help my self, it makes me woo pretty hard. If you could see the look on his face, such surprise & I think, how can you possibly be surprised, you just did the exact same thing 2 minutes ago, silly boy!

I think it's safe to say that I am the smarter of the two us! He's just such a boy. And he's totally a suckup, always getting up on the couch first, next to the lady. I try to explain to him that that's what she wants & he's supposed to WAIT! Don't do it when she tells you to, instead turn your back & pretend you didn't hear anything. Then once she's good & comfortable, THEN jump up on her legs & pin them down so she can't move them. I tell you, it's hard, he's just so male.

You know what else he does, woooo this really annoys me, he lets her brush him! I know, I know, I've tried to explain this to him all so. No Malechai, you must run away, refuse to sit once caught & PROTEST LOUDLY when forced to finally submit. (This usually pretty much insures that the lady will be sitting on me by this part of the game.) But no, not him, he sits & lays when she tells him to & I actually think he likes it. Sometimes I'm pretty sure he was "adopted"!

Oh, I am a funny girl!

Allrighty then, I better go for now, he's about done with the bone, I'll have to remember to save more next time, I forgot he pretty much inhales his food. Doesn't take long. Until next time, may all your brothers be smarter than mine! Miss MacieGrey
Hey Macie, you really do sound smarter. :)

~ fufu
A BRUSH!?!?!? Oh, NO! What is he THINKING to let the lady brush him!?!? Brushes are EVIL! REALLY!
Thank you fufu, I like to think so!
I know Amber, I keep trying to lead him in the right direction but he just won't listen, he's such a boy!
Face Licks, M&M
Glad to hear the cats are banished and you guys have straw. Straw is really a lot of fun. Joaquin had a cat at his old house and played nice with it. He needs to learn the truth.

The D'Azul Siberians
Oh yes, please make sure you all lead him in the right direction, we can't have Huskies being friendly to stupid cats!
Face Lick, M&M
I'm glad to know your brother acts like mine. He also hogs food, bones, treats, and toys. He also doesn't want to go outside so I have to bite the extra fur on his neck and drag him outside every day! What a baby!

Keep him inline Kat, it's hard but it has to be done! Boys are so silly! Face Licks, Macie
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