Sunday, January 28, 2007


C(un)IA Update

Haroooo everypup! Just wanted to give the cat update here. After reading about Bowie's episodes we have banished our cats to the basement. Here they are, down in the dungeon. We really don't care if they pee on stuff down there as we don't go down there anyway. In case this doesn't prove just who rules in this house, get a gander at our cold box. All 3 sides are like that, covered in pictures of US! You won't find 1 picture of the cats up there, now what does that say?! Not only that, but there are several picture frames of us through out the house & again, not 1 of any of the cats. Ha! And yet, they still walk around with these smug looks on their faces. Oblivious to the obvious, Huskies Rule & Cats Drool!

Ha roo roo roo! Way to put 'em in lock=down, you guys!
Play bows,
They always have that snotty, smug look about them don't they!?

Oh well, at least they are banished to the basement.

Thanks Zim, we thought that was a good place for them!
And yes they aslways do Holly, that's ONE of the really annoying things about them! At least you only have 1 at your house, did we mention we have 5?! Stupid Cats!
Face Licks, M&M
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