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WooooWooooWoooooo Every Husky and of course, fufu! Those stupid cats, in true cat style, took our mouse & ran! See, they get to have the basement all to themselves & we aren't aloud to go down there, (but they are free to jump the fence & come into our domain, it's really not fair), so after infiltrating our blog, they took the mouse & ran. Most times this happens while we are outside & all we can do is watch them thru the fench doors, totally helpless to stop them from getting on our blog. We've wooded & clawed at the lady trying to tell her of the situation but all of our attempts have fell on stuffed up ears. She's been really sick now for about a week. It was kinda cool at first, she was home all day & we got to be in & guard our computer, but then we realized that all she was going to do was lay around on the couch with a heating blanket (of all things) so we didn't even get to lay up there with her!
Sorry, we kinda got on a rant there for a minute... So we are fine, (and NOT brainwashed, Althea, we promise, it's us) we have our mouse back, and have actually cornered the leader of the cats here Sgt. CallieMarie & gave her the scare of her life! Of course, the lady was soooo not impressed but hey, we tried to go through the right channels & then decided it was time to take matters into our own paws, things were getting WAY out of paw!!!!!! This seems to have kept them at bay, thus far. Not to mention the stupid cats across the street that our cats planned to "join forces" with have been locked up! Yep, locked up, their humans have left for about 2 weeks & locked them all down before they left, woohoo! Our cats aren't feeling nearly as "bad" as they were a couple weeks ago! And now that we know that they were using the little one, they call her TalulaBelle, as bait, we don't even give her the time of day, that really seems to have squashed their plans. Try & say we're stupid, hardly, we are smart enough to read their stupid blog & know of their devious plans, now whose the stupid ones?! So it's safe to say that our division of HULA is still safe! We again apologize for you all being subjected to those STUPID cats! Lets move right along to the good news, shall we?!


Yes, we have straw! Our lady has been "growling" at the man for the last month or so about all the mud. She did kind of have a point, we do love the dirt and all but our beautiful fluffy white fur wasn't so white anymore. We gave her the idea after reading one of D'Azuls blogs. We had forgotten that that's what our bedding was made of as tiny puppies at our "real Mom's" house. It's so great, there's all kind of smells on it & it's dry & clean, right away we had to make a "nest" in it between our tree & the fence. Thanks for the word on this great stuff everyone at D'Azuls, now can you guys tell us how to get them to leave it down all year round? We've already heard them talking that in the spring they plan to rake it all up & plant grass seed again (good luck with that we say). We would really prefer to just have new straw added every so often, we have a whole other section of yard that still has grass. But hey, you all know how the humans are, they'll still think they're going to do it their way, they'll go & waste all that money on grass & stuff (which takes away form our toy & treat money, we're sure) & we will continue to have it as our race track, we'll fight with them for a few weeks until, as usual, they will give up & let us have it our way.
This post has been an ongoing work, by the way, like we mentioned earlier the lady had been sick, so the computer hasn't been on much & our paws are to big to get that little button pushed in to turn it on our selves. So we've been working on it here & there when she's forgotten to turn it off. We do appreciate everyones concerns for us on our last post! Should things get out of paw again over here, we'll definitely be callin' on ya Holly, Poseidon & Magnum, sounds like you all are skilled in the "eliminating of vermin" department! What's up with that Justin person anyway?! That was the first time he had posted on our blog, but we've read you alls comments that he's been on yours before & makes our puters sick...Woowoo very much for the paws up Storm! The AO4's always looking out for us!

We have even more good news to report, MORE SNOW! We got up this morning & is was white out again, finally. Screwed up our straw a little, but when it's snow, who cares!

It's not as much as the last time but still plenty to roll around in & eat (not the yellow stuff though). We've had a bunch of other stuff that, at first we thought was snow, until we went out on our deck & slid right off the stairs. This stuff was ice, not nearly as much fun & harder to master walking on. Our lady hopes since all that was on the ground first, maybe the actual snow will stay longer this time. We hope so too, we don't have to hear her & her global warming rantings when it's cold out. We think she musta been one of us in her last life as much as she likes the cold & snow! All the other humans thinks she's crazy, except Lucyloo's Mom, she likes the snow too. Speaking of snow, we're gonna go for now & play in it some more, we just came in to humor the lady for awhile & get a few chicken treats. Hope you all got some snow too, we still haven't figured out how to package it to send to those of you that keep getting robbed, we'll keep working on it though.
Until next time, snowy, catless woooooos! Macie & Malechai
Wow, are we glad you two are OK! And all the C(un)IA members in your area are in lock-down? GREAT news!
You've gotta stop by our blog and see what's been going on. Things are WAY out of paw, like you said! I'm going to run everypup here through my new Cat Scan 5000 to see if we've got the Cat Scratch Fever. Lab results due in Monday. Maybe Tuesday now that we've been pummelled with SNOW!
We're on our way Dave! Harooo for the snow though!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good to have you back M&M. Glad to hear that those pesky cats didn't brainwash you.

Thanks for your great snow dance efforts. It is gone now but at least I got to enjoy it for awhile.

Thank goodness you are back, and safe from the C(un)IA!! Whenever a pup doesn't post for a while, we all kinda get worried!

Glad you got some snow too! We got an additional 6 inches this weekend too, so lots of fun to be had here!

Way to go locking down the yummy cats. Straw and snow! That sounds like a scruff party to me.
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