Tuesday, September 12, 2006


What Did I Tell You?!

Pretty sure I said, "If it continues to rain I will be forced to eat another wall"....Ok, so it's only a roll of paper towels (I was a little leary of the wall after Meeshka's warning about the electricity stuff). Hey, what's a girl to do, this is going on day 3 of being stuck in the house due to the stupid rain! I had to be quick on my paws for this one, the lady was only out of the room for a couple minutes. She needed to know just how disgusted I am over the situation! She musta got the message, she didn't even hollar, just laughed & got the camera. I was a little miffed that she felt she needed to "clean up" my beautiful shredded creation though. I'll let it slide this time, only because she then gave Malechai & I each a big giant bone to work on, good humom! There's hope for her yet. Rain, rain, go away, we want to go outside & play!
Woooooooooo! Way to go! You didn't get caught in the act, did you? That's the key. If the bipeds don't see you doing it, how do they know who DID? I mean... maybe another pup broke into the house and shredded the paper! Luv, Dave
Actually, yes I did, I tried to deny it but I forgot to get the paper towel out of my mouth first, oops! She's a pretty good "Mom" though, she still thinks this kind of behavior is cute, silly human!
You are still young pups - consider it a learning experience! Stormy said as long as your mom went for the camera instead of saying, "No.. blah blah blah" you're OK. Just remember not to get caught with the evidence! Zim said it took him a while to learn - and maybe some day he'll blog about the case of the ruby red slippers. That was before my time here.
Woo! Luv, Dave
Congrats! You are well on the road to being a successful Siberian husky.
RooHoo Stormy! That's what we hear when the lady scolds us too, blah, blah blah. Thank you Turbo, we are trying our best!
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