Friday, September 22, 2006


This has been so weird, maybe the lady's not as dumb as we thought!

First of all we want to give a very special howl out to Turbo's human for helping us out! She took a lot of her time for someone she didn't even know in order to help. For that we extend our most appreciative WOOOOOS! Come to find out, our lady may not be as dumb as we thought. Turbo's Mom could only see our page right on something called Firefox & not on Internet Explorer. She told us to try another template & just paste the links back in, so we did & even then, the only ones we can get to line up right are the ones that show our profile on the left. Isn't that weird?! So maybe this wasn't all the lady's fault after all. Maybe, we're not swearin' to anything, given her past record. The most important lesson she has learned is to copy & paste, BEFORE she makes changes to things, whatever that means, we might like to eat some paste...

Althea put a special "warning" out for us in regards to the before mentioned Birckenstocks, we relies this would be a bad move on our part, however, the lady has been warned, and if we are driven to such drastic measures, know that she will fully deserve it and we will have had no other recourse! She's got to learn sometime, we've had her for 4 1/2 months now. She guards those pretty close along with any other leather goods that we may find yummy so it wouldn't be any easy task by anymeans. Hey, so long as she stops messin' up our stuff, it'll all be good.

Guess what, the man went for a walk with us again, really, it's true. We heard the lady tellin' him the other day that she didn't get 2 dogs, they got 2 dogs, not sure what than means exactly, but she kinda growled it at him, next thing you know, he's up & going with us. She told us that if he didn't stay out of bed more after work, that she was gonna have to start going in there & checkin' him for a pulse & moving his legs back & forth so he doesn't get bed soars, again, she didn't say it her nice voice... It's funny, he gets in trouble almost as much as us. Only she's a lot nicer to us about it, we know she's all bark. She should just let us go in there & jump on him, that'll get him up with a quickness!

Well, we're going to go try & get on the Dogs With Blogs boards now, (the lady had problems with that too, see it may still be all her), you'll all know if she screws something else up as we will post pictures of the doggy demolition that will occur afterwards. Again, thank you all for being so helpful with our very own stupid human!
My Da momma has issues with the compooter too, at least that's what she says. I say she's stoopid. Turbo agrees with me. Anyway, my Da sister helped me build my blog -- cuz she knows that codie stuff. Do you have a Da sister?? Cuz if you do, she could help your lady.
Tubey's human helped our mom, too. I'd give her a big HUG if I could. Woo.
Luv, Dave
Nope, our lady doesn't have any sisters, thank goodness everyone is so nice here! We like to give hugs too Dave, even at our young age we can sometimes give big enough ones to knock some of the humans down, then it's time for the full frontal face licking extravaganza! WooWoo!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, all humans are stupid!

I love the look of the new template!
Hey, it'll work at least this one line up right! Thanks again for all your help.
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