Sunday, September 10, 2006


Sure the fence is secure...

So, we were just bragging about how our humans had done all kinds of "containment" preparation for us before we came. They cut sod, laid chicken wire, concreted the middle of it in, laid the grass back down & put up this nice tall fence. It all sounds good, but much to their dismay, we have still managed to do what we Huskies are known for, escape!
Apparently, they didn't stretch the fence tight enough or something, (we are not offering any help, of course). OK it was like this, we were outside with the lady & a little boy came up to the fence & well, he had something tasty looking in his hands & on his face, soooooo, we had to see what it was. Much to our surprise (and the ladies) we pushed on the fence together & voila, we were able to wiggle right under it! Well this caused the lady to go completely insane & start shrieking for the man. Which then inturn caused the boy to freak out (he was doing just fine till the lady let out that death squall), it was ugly! It's not like we were going anywhere, we merely wanted to "clean" the lad up. Next thing we know, one human is running for the kid & our humans are acting like we have just done something awful! We got basically dragged back into our yard & the man went out & got these long metal stake things & pounded them thru the fence & way down into the ground. We've heard that more of that concrete stuff is coming next. It rained here so it was too wet to do immediately. At any rate, we have gotten a good chuckle at them, they did all that work & then all we had to do was push & crawl! WOO WOO!!! We say again, Silly Humans!
hehehe... way to go :)

Now, you have to wait a bit, because the humans will be ever vigilant, and they'll think they've figured out a way to contain you, so don't go sniffing around the fence just yet, or they'll investigate and figure out your next plan. Wait for their defenses to lower, then escape again, this time RUN!!!! (but watch out for cars)

Good plan Meeshka! Thanks for the advice, you know we were already eyeballin' the fence again, it's so hard to wait. We have to find away to keep them from adding moret concrete this weekend. That's going to make things a little trickier...
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