Sunday, September 24, 2006


Somebody Make Her Stop!

This is sooo embarrassing, she does this junk all the time. Like we want her hot humanness all over us, get off! It's back to raining 40 days & 40 nights again, which means we're stuck in the house with lady insaneo! My bother just loves it when she gets down on the floor & mauls him, me, not so much. That's me she's got her head on. I don't let her get me in the whole body smotherin' position. I let her know with lots of protestful woos, which just makes her go even crazier & hold me down all the longer, yea it's all funny till I bite your face off like I do Malechai's when he doesn't listen.
Notice our beds are gone, no we haven't chewed them up yet, but "Miss I have To Wash Their Beds All The Time", took them already. They weren't even officially stinkaticed! There she goes, messin' with our stuff yet again, will she never learn?!
We did get to have a nice long game of tug with her today though, that's always a good time. I personally like to act as if I'm losing my grip so I can bite her hand when I reposition myself, it's really the only thing that makes this game worth while. Of course, Malechai had to come over & stick his big fat head in the middle of it so y'all know what happened then, yep, "Fight Club" was on! The lady doesn't even move anymore when we do this, she used to freak out when ever we'de really get going at it, now she just sits there (in our way, might I add) and watches. This ain't a free show lady, where's your ticket (all chicken treats are acceptable forms of payment)!

I wish she would just let us go out in the rain, we have a big tree that keeps the ground pretty dry & this is truly the best time to dig up nightcrawlers! Mmmmm, wiggly, dirt covered earthworms, oh how I love 'em! They are the greatest, not only are they tasty but they're fun, I like to toss them in the air & catch them. And all that wigglin' is like a party in your mouth! I think I will go perform the "peepee dance" at the gate so she will let us out, then good luck getting me back in, it's worm time!
Till next time, if you have a brother, go bite him, I'll about garantee he did something to deserve it! Macie
Humans are so stupid with their cleaning of everything! Just what is wrong with something getting stinky?
AMEN Turbo! Our thoughts too & then she's gotta do all this mushy junk to us on top of it, geesh!
I kinda like the way Downey smells...
Luv, Dave
Hey Macie & Malachi,

I was going to reply to your email that you sent me recently yesterday, but if you read Opy's blog - you will know why i haven't.

I wanted to tell you that SHD (stupid human dad) has made a section here in the Bone Zone called F.A.Q's and he has answered your query there, and created a whole "how do I" to help out with such things - go here -

Now, don't be daunted by it - it goes through it step by step - so hopefully you will be okay :-)


Opy's mum, Brooke
Hey Macie,
Cuddling with the humans is fun. It makes for an excellent opportunity to lick there face for any left over food. I love hanging with my parents on the couch. I really want to cuddle with my Mommy on the bed in the morning but she always tells me to get down. I think I'm wearing her down though. Besides there is plenty of room for me on the bed if they would just kick those darn cats out.

And don't worry about Malechai's face not being strechy. The more you do it the more strechy it will become.

Thank you Opy's Mum, when she screws it all up we will be back begging for help =) That's why we don't get to go in the living room very often, Althea, cause that's where the cats are, STUPID CATS! We almost got one Sunday, it was great!
Face Licks, Macie & Malechai
I don't blame you for wanting her to stop climbing all over you. My mom says that she does that to her at work all the time! Your mom is weird.
Lucy, Who you tellin', We know our lady's a freak! We've also heard yours aint' quite right either, must be a human thing.
Hey Pups,
You think your Mom would get mad about chewing the birkenstocks, try messing with the cats. Mom catches you with the cat's head in you mouth just once and your in big trouble. I even get blamed if the cat's back has a bit of saliva on it. Stoopid Momma's boy cat. One of these days I'll get them darn cats.
Hey Macie & Malechai,
This is Althea's brother, Lares. Don't listen to a thging Althea says about the cats. Our feline sister, Delilah, reguarly beats Althea up and chases her around the house. She's all talk.

Larry the Dog
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