Monday, September 11, 2006


Rainy Days & Mondays, Allways Get Me Down

Sigh, bored, bored, bored. Did I mention I'm bored! Hello fellow fluffy ones, Macie here and I'm terribly bored . It rained really hard most of the night, lots of thunder & lightning. And then we get up this morning & guess what, yep, more rain. Those dang humans left us outside till about 3:00 this morning, when the thunder woke the lady. Let us in! We were soaked, all of our furriness was drenched, of course we demanded that she dry us off immediately! We calmed down only after we were sure that we made her feel like a terrible mother. Now she will have to brush us until our furriness is back to the appropriate fluffiness. Well, that's what she gets, leave us outside while she's nice & dry in the house, I think NOT!

Needless to say, we've had to be inside ALL day! I chose to sleep most of it away. Malechai tried to bug on me a couple times, but figured out I was in no mood after a couple of full frontal face bites! Leave me alone, I'm sulking. The few times that I've been conscious today, I've had a couple thoughts. One, I'm tired of all the "healthy crap" that we have to eat, we want to go to this Fazolis place that we heard Koda talking about. Will you look what she gave us as a "snack" yesterday, yes that's celery! What the heck?! Do we looked excited to you, paleeze, celery....This is what she feeds us friends, celery. Ok, so we are eating it, she had made it pretty clear that that was the snack o' the evening.

Then there's the Kong, we HATE THE KONG! It's the debil Bobby Bouche' (hopefully everyone has seen The Waterboy). Maybe it's just that our lady is stoooopid, we're not sure, but she shoves it full of those biscuit things & we can not get them out! We think it's a doggy torture device that the humans created! My brother is almost tall enough for that counter surfing that I hear you all talk about, his nose is right at the edge. He thinks I should let him climb on my back so he can reach, look at him, he's a moose, not happenin'! (He's the closest one to you, if you all couldn't tell from his big fat head.) That is where all the chicken treats are though & I do like me some chicken!

Oh and as if the day hadn't been boring enough, the lady gets home from work & instead of paying immediate attention to me, she has to doctor the man. He got himself a good case of some poison plant or somethin' like that. Whatever it is, it makes him itch like he's got fleas. They put all kinds of stuff on him & I tried to be helpful by licking it back off. If he would just let me help, I'm sure I could heal him right up, but noooooo. Don't listen to the dog that licks it's own wounds & heals them, hu uh, cause why would ya, geesh! Humans, I tell ya. Once she was done with him did she do anything fun with us, NO! Gave us each a rawhide & made us lay down on the couch so she can watch football, woohoo, again, boring! Well, the lady's getting her big rear up (finally), she said her team won, some Viking something or other. All I know is where they are gets LOTS of snow so they can't be all bad. I'm going to go tell her we should celebrate with chicken treats!

PS, If it rains again tomorrow, I may be forced to eat another wall, just sayin for instance...
You sure look comfy there Macie :-) Charlie likes to lie like that as well :-)

Yeah, it's been cold and rainy here in Maryland too. I like the cold, but not the rain! Rain sucks! I insist on being dried off with a towel when I come in!
It's comfy & all but did I mention, boring! We agree Indy, rain SUCKS! We wish it were snow!!!
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