Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Paranoid New Mother?

Hi everyone, Macie & Malechai's Mom here. Recently (Monday) there was a segment on our local news about Nylabone products. They've stated that they can be harmful to our dogs, especially the greenies. I have done some online research & found that 2 different sights are saying the same thing, & Of course there are several other sights that have individual testimonies as well. I also went to to try & see what their findings are on this, they were inconclusive. Just to be safe, all Nylabone products have been removed from our home. It's just so hard to know what to believe! Since all of you are veteran dog owners, I wanted to see what you think, am I paranoid or is there reason for alarm? I've been told that I'm pretty "anal" in regards to the feeding of my huskies, but I've read so many different things about their stomachs being sensitive & possible thyroid conditions that I don't want to take any chances. We were also told by our vet to stay clear of any pig ear type stuff so my dogs have never gotten so much as a whiff of those. Now I've also read that rawhides are bad & my pups LOVE those, what the heck?! This is our first time with Huskies & they are the most incredible dogs that I have ever encountered, I just don't want to do anything that could hurt them or shorten their time with us! Any input from you all would be VERY much appreciated! This is all probably old news to everyone else, but we were cat people before our Huskies so it's all new to us. Thank you in advance!
Hi Macie and Malechai's mom. :) I stopped giving Greenies to the Ao4, as they could devour even the BIG ones in about 60 seconds. No, they haven't heard of chewing, thank you for wondering. After one of them "horka"ed up a big chunk, I decided they weren't suited to the jaws of a Siberian. They do GREAT with the wolf-sized "traditional" ones (chicken or chocolate flavored), but I have to watch and toss them once the little round ends are chewed off. The hard rubber bones Zim posted about today have been FABULOUS. Amber can rip chunks off of even the black, strongest Kongs (eye roll) but hasn't made a dent in these. Yet. I check them daily.
Does that help at all? Nylabone makes a LOT of different products - their soft ones, "edible" ones and greenies don't last beyond a minute here. Hope that helps!
Mom and personal assistant to the Ao4
Ok, lets see:
1.) Greenies bad, avoid them. Get the stuff that is small like pencils that are made for chewing, then you don't have to worry about us inhaling a big nub and choking.

2.) Nylabones are good... gummibones are bad. Gummibones don't stand up to our chewing and can be a choking and obstruction hazard, but the nylabones withstand our chewing and we can only get small pieces off which aren't harmful to us.

3.) Huskies aren't suppose to have sensitive stomachs. We purebred from really good breeder types can eat whatever we want with no problems. Huskies (unfortunately) get the "sensitive stomach" label from all of the poorly bred puppymill puppies that are churned out. Same thing goes for thyroid conditions, which aren't as common as some make it out to be.

4.) Rawhide stuff has its hazards. Stuff made overseas is crap and processed with bad things, but in general, we can easily choke on them, and humans can actually get salmonella poisoning from poorly treated ones.

5.) um... pig ears are just rawhide in chip form... you didn't really think they were actually dried pig ears did you :) Get the really tasty, processed, chipboard looking dog bone shaped ones that have the flavored goo in them... tasty and not a choke hazard :)

6.) your pups will not be happy unless they get fed raw steak with every meal.

ok, #6 is true, but not necessary, but the rest of the stuff above is true.

Oh, Thank you both sooo much! You're input helps me greatly! My husband gets on me all the time about believing everything that I read. I about went crazy trying to research everything I could before we got them, there's just so much information! As I said before, they are the most incredible dogs that I've ever had & worth every challenge that they have & or will bring! I just want to make sure they have the happiest, healthiest lives that they can. So thank you very much again!
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