Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Ooooooh, I Wish This Was A Cat's Head!

Blah, blah, blah, stupid cats! I CAN NOT believe that the lady let that damned Akeer on my blog(Yeah, yeah, Malechai, I know it's our blog), doesn't she know that's like me using her toothbrush?! Unreal, turn your back for a couple minutes to go out & do your business & this happens. Well, fellow canines, I can not apologize enough for you all being subjected to that cat gibberish. I'm still in shock myself, you know, something bad is going to have to happen for this one. The man's been working on their hot tub(whata stupid contraption) I may have to go out there & "fix" the plumbing! That's a whole nother thing I don't get, a hot tub, why, why, why would anyone want to sit in 100 & something degree water, fill it with snow you idiots! In the mean time, see this bone, I hereby swear to make sure & leave it where she will step on it everytime she goes by! I hear it's painful when stepped on & it makes her dance around like her feet are on fire, always good for a woo or two.
Malechai wanted me to mention about that eye thing. He says he was young then & if she tries that again, he'll give her the slapdown & put her in the Steiner Recliner!
That's what he says, but you should see him run like a sissy when Callie faces him down. She knows better than to try that with me, I am the Queen! Hey it's my post, I can tell it like I want to.
OK then, I think it's time to get my plans in action for the ladies punishment, until next time, trip your humans! Miss MacieGrey
Hey Guys,
I'm a bit disappointed in you. Let the cats have a chance to blog. The worst part is, I think my feline brother Spencer was watching over my shoulder. I think he say Akeer's post. Now I'm going to have to keep a close eye on him to make sure he doesn't try any nonsense with my blog. Stay alert Pupsters.
No cat blogging, if they want to post then they need their own blog. Sorry to dissapoint you! That's all it takes & see the downward spiral it causes, now your cat wants to blog.....we personaly do not want them to take over. Not to mention, we're not sure if we have a HULA card yet, but if we do, Meeshka may cut it up for this mishap!
CATS!!!! There's a CAT in your house!!! More than ONE!!! Stare at them! Stare at them!!! It's CATS!
Play bows,
To think, my parents were worried about getting a husky since they already had three cats. Something about a high prey drive. Sounds like there are many husky homes with cats. There really not all that bad.

I got bopped on the head by my feline sister this morning for getting too close.

Stormy had a kitty friend where we used to live named "Kit". She really liked her. When I was just a little 5 or 6 month old pup, I got invited for a play-date with Kit's doggy sister, Bonnie. Storm said if I met Kit to give her her best wishes. WELL! I saw Kit on the porch and went to give her Storm's regards -- and she HEAD BUTTED ME!!! Out of the BLUE! I did NOT like that at all! Bonnie said we should ignore her and go for walkies and since my mom had cookies in her pocket I said, "OK" but I wasn't really very happy! I don't trust kitties now!
Love, Amber
Cats are bad Althea, don't be fooled, we are not EVER alone with the cats in the same room, heck, all we want to do is give them a little "taste". Although, we tried to get a lick on Callie, she didn't care for that at all & neither did Malechai's eye. So we suggest staying away from them (unless you can hide the evidence).
Face Licks, Macie & Malechai
I caught a cat once! I got out of my yard at our old house, and daddy found me 2 blocks away with a kitty in my mouth. They don't think I meant to hurt it though, I think they're just extremely gullible. I punctured that kitty's lung, but daddy took him to the vet and got him all patched up. Hmph. There goes my plans for kitty domination.
There's a cat living here too. It's like someone tempting us....... I have to go in another room when I go after the cat.
And she'd better not get on my blog.
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