Wednesday, September 20, 2006


OK, Maybe she's had enough...

Well, we think that she has had her fair amount of punishment, for now. It's been several days since we've been allowed to get on the puter, which by the way, we think is a buncha poop, so we thought it only right that she get hers. Yep, the last role of their toilet paper, take that! Man, that was good, it was like snow in September, we love toilet paper, it's just fluffier than plain old paper towels! Keep messin' with our stuff lady & the next time it just might be those beloved Birckenstocks of yours. Hey, fair is fair, you mess up our blog, we eat your stuff. Not to mention, she had one coming for those dang backpacks, we DO NOT care for those so much. She says we just need to get used to them, we say, leave them within reach & we will chew them to smithereens!
Oh, and we are very proud to announce that we had our first "score" on the counter surfing that we've been trying to master, an entire pack of saltine crackers, now them are some yummy little morsels, a little dry if you get too many in your mouth at once, but overall tasty! Plus you get the bonus plastic wrapper, that's never a bad thing. From there the weekend only improved we must say. First the man had our friend next door over & was showing him how well we "sit", (for Cheetos we will do anything), this was our first experience with these & they are the dogdiggity! Of course the lady about had a coronary when she saw him so we only got a couple.
She did follow up with some watermelon though & it is truly a toss up, (thank you Army of Four for putting the bug in her ear!) cheesy, crunchy stuff or the sweet, juicy stuff, it's probably safe to say that we won't get much of a choice unless we can con the man for the Cheetos when she's not home. We have had the melon a couple times now so we're not feeling too cheated.

While we were gone we got tagged by Althea so here are 5 things that make us good dog friends:

1. We have a big pool & sandbow that ALL dogs are welcome at.

2. There's lots of fruit in our yard that we would share.

3. We're not overly eager about the whole butt sniffin thing.

4. We have LOTS of energy so we can play along time.

5. We like all non-aggressive dogs!

Not very exciting, we know, but you guys are really all of the friends we have until we start our dog classes & can meet some other dogs. OK, there is Zeus a couple yards down, he's the same age as us but quit a bit smaller even though he's a lab. The only thing with him is, everytime we go down there, he's always got his "you-know-what" pokin' out at us & well it's rather, shall we say, GROSS! Hence the fact the lady doesn't like to take us down there very much, can't really blame her, it is kinda rude. She says she has friends with dogs but they never come over, we don't know why. We have heard her talk about a dog park that's about, oh a medium lenghth nap away. She said we can't go there until we learn some manners, something about not being socially acceptable, whatever that means! Just because we get a little excited when we meet people & jump, she says we're gonna knock someone's teeth out, we say get down here where we can give you a proper hello then. Dang, don't sniff butts, don't lick faces, don't jump on people, why doesn't she just go ahead & tell us to be cats & get it over with! So, we're going to go along with the classes if it means the dog park, we're just sure there's got to be others like us there! Well, we have to go for now, we can feel a round of "fight club" coming over us, ya'll go get yourselves some of those Cheetos, you won't be sorry!

Hey Macie and Malechai,

This is my first time visiting your blog, and I have to say - I'M PROUD OF YOU GUYS!!! I used to do that to toilet papers guys are hilarious.

Come visit my blog sometime and if you like it, please vote for me for the Awesome Blog Award at D.W.B Bone Zone ok?

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade
Great work on the counter-surfin', woo guys! Everysibe needs to learn the skill - my crowning glory was getting the whole bunch of bananas from on top of the magic box (you know, the place where the bipeds keep cheese and watermelon and ice cubes). I ate 2 or 3 whole ones, peel and all, before mom got home. It was great!
And we're SO glad you got WATERMELON! Amber said to tell you that if you have light-colored carpetting, your mom may appreciate it as much as ours if you take the melon and eat it on that carpet. Just givin' you a paws up on that one!
Glad you're back on line! Luv, Dave
It's about time your humans gave you some computer time, I've been checkin and checkin just to see what you kids had been up to. Glad to see you're doing your relatives proud! Mama keeps talkin 'bout takin me to the dog park too! I met a human man and his bulldog last night, and he told mama exactly where the closest dog park is at, and that it doesn't matter if I haven't been licensed in Virginny yet. Mama says I still can't go till we get my Virginny license though. Any husky up for a good clawing?
Hey Pupsters,
Be sure to check out my blog for an important Warning
Hi everybody, thanks for all the encouragement! We are tryin' to make sure we get this right! We'll have to work on getting on the carpet, the lady only lets us eat in the kitchen, she can be such a drag. Poseidon, we sure hope you make it to the dog park! And thanks for the heads up on the Birky's Althea, but if she doesn't watch it....Face Licks to all, Macie & Malechai
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