Saturday, September 30, 2006


Oh What A Day!

We are exhausted! It started off like any other morning, mauling the lady followed up by a tasty breakfast of sardines with our dry food. Then before she let us out we heard her talking to the vet about bringing us in to get our nails clipped. We pretended we didn't hear & demanded to be let out, to do our "duty" so she thought. Next thing she knows she's getting a call from her grandma (that lives down the street) wanting to know if the dogs have gotten out, why yes, yes we have. The stupid humans forgot to "stake down" one of the sections of fence and we had taken Meeshka's advice & waited several weeks before making a break for it & this time we did just like she told us to, ran, ran, ran! We went down to the river, had a swim & rolled in some nice dead fish that we found & then cruised the neighborhood.
The man & the lady were freakin' out, we could hear them calling for us but we weren't about to come back, we were FREE! We managed to allude them for about 15 minutes, they would go one way & we would go the other. But then all the nosy neighbors joined in & were yellin' out of their windows tellin' our humans which way we were going, (note to selves, crap in ALL their yards & eat their flowers next outing). We could've prolonged the game but then we made the mistake of running down a driveway that had a fence at the end & the man there grabbed us & put us in his yard until our lady got there, drat him! Oh well, we gave it a good run!
We thought we had made them chase us long enough to miss the vet appointment, but nooooo, they snagged us up & threw us in her Jeep (fish stank & all) & off to the vet we went. The bonus is that her Jeep now stinks to high heavens like rotten fish & let's just say the back seat is trashed with wet dog hair & sand, woowoo! The vet guy didn't seem to impressed with our wet ordersome selves either. Ha, take that you clipper wielding freak!
It only got worse form there, they brought us back, threw us in the kitchen (it was beautiful out today to did we mention) & left for like 3 hours. By time they got home, the whole house smelt like nasty fish, which we thought was great until the next tragedy occurred, the dreaded bath. Boo hiss, we hate baths! AND she took our beds & washed them again too, so now we're wet & NO BEDS to lay on! That's why we have to lay on our stupid old blankets. You would've thought the madness would have stopped there, nope, then she felt compelled to brush us, we hate that too, she kept saying that's what we get. Just wait till she sees what she's gonna get, not sure what her punishment will be but it will be worthy of the crime we guarantee. It will have to wait for a while though, cause we must admit, we're very tired after our little walk about. See, we're learning, we didn't stick around this time & we didn't go in the road. We're trying to do ya all proud! K, back to nappytown now.
The Elusive Macie & Malechai
Wow - what an adventurous day you both had - but please don't go wandering off again, we would all be very worried if you got lost ! We would miss you both heaps !

Way to be a husky!
Oh Opy, you sound like our lady, we stayed on our street & away from the road. Thank you for caring about us!
Thanks Turbo, we're trying really hard!
Face Licks, M&M
Good job! I wish I could have been there with you cause it sounded fun for awhile. I am with you though...those neighbors sooooo deserve a big pile of something!
I am SO proud of you two!

I had such high hopes for you, and I'm glad to report that I am not disappointed in you, I knew you had it in you!

Now that you've managed a few escapes, evasions, and goosing your human woman, I am pleased to announce your official membership into HULA. I have also added your link to my blog.

Congratulations, and keep up the good work.

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