Wednesday, September 06, 2006


MMMMM! Tasty Flowers!

Remember the flower beds we told ya all about? Well here they are, the top one used to be rose, iris, lily & ribbon grass. It took us all of about a hot 2 seconds to destroy this one. We do wish that the grass stuff would grow back though, that was pretty fun to roll around in when it was really tall. Hey, who knew it was gonna kill it, we were just inspecting it for any possible critters that might freak the lady out (well, it sounded good). We can not be held accountable for the humans ignorance! They brought us out here for a swim & then just let us run, like we were going to stay up on the hot deck, please!
The bottom one was just plain yummy! That's where the lady grows raspberries and are worth every thorn! And over in the corner there's an apricot tree, it's like a fruit buffet out here! We ask you fellow dogs, would you be able to resist? There ya go then. What do they expect?!

This is our newest conquest, it doesn't look like much in the picture, but we feel it has the makings of a good one! Keep in mind, this used to be all nice & grassy. We had to get that out of there, all it does is hinder the digging process. It took us a lot of running & many a "fight club" to get it to stop coming back. We've seen pictures of the craters that other huskies have dug where you can't see anything but their tails, that's what we hope to eventually be able to do! It's never to early to start practicing we figure. Well, until next time, may all your holes be muddy!
I love fruit!!! But we don't have any growing in our yard.
We wish oranges grew in our yard, but the apricots are pretty tasty!
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