Thursday, September 28, 2006


I tried to tell him...

Humans, stand back, FightClub is about to resume. As you all can see, I give Malechai fair warning & plenty of chances to stop, but no!

I'm warning you, get away from me!
I mean it, I'm going to be forced to bite
your face off!

Get off me you big Moose! Crap, here comes the lady.
Come on, lets go down in the yard where she can't see us.
This ain't over yet!
Once the cameras are off, it's ON! Let's just say, he was beggin' for mercy before I was done. The he goes & cries to the lady, the big wuss. Yet he always wants to start it. Will he never learn?!
Aw.. I hope nobody's hurt.
So Macie, you're the stronger one?

~ fufu
Well fu fu, depends on who you talk to, Malechai will swear he's the strongest, it's just because he's a moose! I'm much quicker & witchier so that definately works to my advantage. We both get our digs in pretty good though, & no, no one was hurt, it just sounds like it, but that's how we play.
Oh BOY! Can me and Davy come play!?!?
Play bows,
ABSOLUTELY! Do you guys like FightClub too?
LIKE it? We LOVE it! We even have our own referee -- Ammy! Should we bring her, too?
Play bows,
You could, our lady is a terrible ref, always breaking things up when they're just starting to get good. Surely Ammy wouldn't do that!
nah.......Amber just makes sure we don't disturb Stormy or bash into the furniture too hard. And if mom or dad start thinking they need to make us stop, she goes up to them and acts all cute and "roos" to them. She charms them so we can keep wilding. She's COOL!
Play bows,
Oh yes, you must bring her! She sounds VERY cool, runs distraction for you & everything!
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