Sunday, September 24, 2006


Cat Rantings

These were the days, just lazin' around the house doing the cat thing. Those days are gone! Why they ever decided to get these minions of hell is beside us! We were a CAT HOUSE, the lady was known to others as "The CAT lady", not the dog lady! What happened, where did we go wrong? We knew something big was going to happen when they started screwin' our yard up. They put a huge litter box out there & then fenced it in, what in the world....Then it happened, they left for most of a day & then came back with DOGS!!!!! Little, whinny, peein' in the house, destruction machines. The whole house changed in a matter of a few hours, gates went up in every doorway, our water bowls were moved, a dark gloom had set over the house, the end of days is near! It hasn't changed since, only now the beasts have doubled in size & it's been said that they're not done yet, what have they brought into our home, horses (more like goats)?!

Anyway, I suppose some introductions are due, I'm Akeer (top left) and I am the oldest, wisest & ONLY male of this pride & these are my Harem. CallieMarie(top right) she's my girl, they got her just for me. She's also quite RUDE to everyone, including me, she doesn't take any crap off these dogs, laid the bottom of Malechai's eye open week 1. Then there's WhiteyFord (yes, the black cat), she's pretty mellow, mostly likes to hang out by herself in the garage, we see her at feeding time (she NEVER misses a meal!) and she stays completely away from the hethans. Next we have StoneyBob, (she's the grey one at the bottom), her & Whitey are sisters. She likes to lay on anyone's lap she can, she's a total suckup, her best quality is that she sits on the other side of the dog gates & antagonizes the hell out of them. And lastly, TalulaBelle (she's the little white & grey one on the left), my Mom rescued her from a dumpster behind her work, it took her almost a month before she could actually get her, she kept moving the food closer & closer & then, snatch, she got her & brought her home. She's the smallest of our pride, she will always be little, but she's also the most grateful to have a home. Don't be fooled though, dynamite comes in small packages & she can definitely hold her own.

So that's all of us, you won't hear much else form us as we don't care to "hang out" with dogs, we just wanted our complaints to be noted for the record. We do plan to teach the dogs to climb the fence so that they can run off & we can have our house back again! When you suddenly stop hearing from them, you'll know what happened....The Cats

Hey! You Stupid Cats!!!! Go aways! This is a "dogs only" blog! You're STUPID!!!
Not to worry Turbo, they WILL NOT be back! They're sneaky, gotta watch them every second apparently.
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