Thursday, September 14, 2006


Are you freakin' kidding me!

It's official, the lady has lost her ever lovin' mind! She came home proudly displaying her new "presents" for us last night. I was already a little ticked cause she was late getting home but then the man told us that she was at the pet store, this is usually a good thing so I was pretty excited. And then in she comes with these contraptions, dog backpacks, great...No bones or new toys or nothin', just backpacks. So tonight she gets our harnesses out & we know what that means, woowoo, momma draggin' time! Then it happened, she put these packs on us & put a water bottle in each side. Now I know that doesn't sound like much weight, but holy canoli, by half way threw the walk I was sure I was gonna die! She stopped & talked to another lady mid way home & I heard her telling her that we didn't "pull" nearly as bad with these on, du lady, I'm a little busy trying to think of how to get these dang bricks off my back! Macie just trotted right along like she liked it (and she wonders why I give her full frontal face bites). She's gonna get a good howlin' at later!

Again, I'll ask, are you kiddin' me, the lady freaked out the other day & threw all the Nylabone
stuff out, somethin" about choking hazard & not digestible", whatever, anyway, see the blue & green shreds? That would be a ball that the silly man gave us while the lady was at work, some kinda of tasty foam rubber stuff. Of course the lady gets home, freaks out AGAIN, hollars at the man, throws all the yummy pieces away....We had to listen to her rant a good part of our walk about that ball! By all means take our hard rubber things away & give us some foam rubber,geesh! She did get us some new beds though, her & the man are taking bets on how long before we shred these, they do resemble our old lamby we had that we gutted (she threw that out too), I'm kinda enjoying snoozin' on it right now though, so I may wait awhile before destroying it, we'll have to see. The good news is the sun finally came out today so we got to be outside, big woo there! When the man came home from work we had been dilligently working on our tunnel (we're still looking for that Alaskan Pipeline thing) & he said this was the dirtiest he's seen us yet, it was a very proud moment in our huskism! We got in our pool before the lady got home so she didn't get to see us, we were lookin' good, you all woulda been proud! Better go, time to demand an orange!
Beware of the Backpacks, Malechai
Silly pups, don't waste your time on destroying that stuff. Go for the goods! I'm talkin LEATHER goods! Leather stuff's the only stuff I bother sinkin my teeth into nowadays, and because I have a doggy door I can sneak it outta the house pretty easily. The leather cases on palm pilots and cell phones are particularly tasty, especially with the items still inside of them! Be forewarned though, the humans get really really persnickety about their "high tech devices" being buried in the snow. Don't bother with makeup bags, that makeup stuff isn't all that tasty.
Yep, I reckon those beds probably have about a week in them :-)

Thanks for the tip Poseidon, now we just have to figure out how to get her to leave some leather items around.
Opy, if they make it a week our Mom will be very suprised!
Face Licks, Macie & Malechai
Good job, pups!
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